as a founder of the international network of music&friendsĀ® we inform you on our multilingual internet pages about international events for choirs, music and dancing groups. for amateur music groups we offer a wide range of international festivals and individual concert tours are offered in europe and overseas. our long-term experiences and connections to cultural institutions in the network of music&friends will help you to arrange exciting concert venues at interesting places.

carefully prepared guided tours will give you an in-depth motivation for your music group and you can spend some wonderful days with great people around you! detailed descriptions are available and can be ordered by a form.
proposals for individual concert tours give a first impression and help you to find your way for a well-planned tour. we are specialized to create tailor-made concert tours, which include contacts to several hundreds of music groups in many countries all over europe and in some further parts of the world. we do offer only selected and tested services.

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